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The Blue Ox | The Kitchen Scout

The city of Lynn, once a bastion of manufacturing (shoes in particular) has some really great things going on, not the least of which is a female mayor, but

The Market Restaurant | The Kitchen Scout

It is hard for me to be in Gloucester without taking a trip down memory lane. My maternal grandparents had a second home there, relatively near the beach,

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La Brasa | The Kitchen Scout

La Brasa | The Kitchen Scout


Traditional Armenian rice pilaf is easy to make and is a wonderful side dish for chicken, lamb or beef.

Giulia | The Kitchen Scout

Walking into Giulia, the first thing I think about is my honeymoon in Italy. My husband and I got caught in a torrential downpour that led to one of the most

Short & Main | The Kitchen Scout

Winter in Boston and its suburbs has been nothing short of brutal. I have lost track of the inches of snow that have fallen and the number of school days lost

Tiger Mama | The Kitchen Scout

There are three friends, Amy, Laura and Sheila with whom I have enjoyed many dinners and cooking classes over the years.