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Classes project, etching, aquatint and others. Mixed media. by Magdalena Leszczyniak

Classes project, etching, aquatint and others. by Magdalena Leszczyniak

CurkovicArtUnits / Analysing an Image

CurkovicArtUnits / Analysing an Image Some questions to consider when asking students to analyze an image. Could be questions to use during a critique/discussion on projects.

Papercut by Kris Trappeniers.

Intricate paper cut by Kris Trappeniers. I came across this piece during art class, upon researching ideas for displaying my own paper cut. Make with string?

(I find Tracey Emin's work partially controversial in my eyes. 'My Bed', i feel a strong empathy towards as it is in a sense taken from location to gallery, keeping the work in it's original state of development. however, i feel as though 'All the people i have ever slept with' has the realness taken away from it to only leave realisation, however the work doesn't strike a cord in merely anyone. The work is only relatable to Emin, herself. Whereas 'My Bed' keeps it's real-like state

Tracey Emin -artist Everyone I Have Ever Slept With- about lovers, family, and the two…

Interesting idea for portrait project! Collaboration or a mix of direction instruction (portraits) and experimentation (working into color blotches to make surreal-like hair.

Alisa Burke and her husband Andy have been combining creativity. He does the pencil work, she adds the color!

Art Ed Central loves this celebration of Earth Day,"junk" to recycle into a Louise Nevelson style box sculpture.

Pinned: In celebration of Earth Day, my classes brought in "junk" to recycle into a Louise Nevelson style box sculpture. We had a blast watching it grow and come together!

Great class project for Red Ribbon Week. Add the pledge around the artwork as a border. "I pledge to make healthy choices, be a positive role model for my friends, and support the mission of Red Ribbon Week: No use of illegal drugs, no illegal use of legal drugs.

classroom auction idea good group project: black acrylic hand prints, watered down tempera on colored paper.