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Donnachos by Maxim Kadashov Clever name and matching #packaging PD

Crunchy Time: 30+ Appetizing Examples of Chips Packaging Designs

Single serve snack packaging pillow bag design. #pillow #pouches for more information visit us at  www.coffeebags.co.za

American Farmer Slim N Light Kettle Popped Corn Bags) * Find out more about the great product at the image link.


Utterly un-put-downable! The lovely tarragon seasoning makes them totally addictive. I spend a lot of time trying to find the most highly-flavoured crisp (and of course I never find it so I just have to eat some more!

Tyrrells English Crisps — Beetroot Crisps with Sea Salt

Our Vegetable Crisps From decidedly knobbly beginnings comes a range of nibbles charming and sophisticated enough for even the ritziest of get-togethers. Tyrrells and tipples anyone?