Paid Seat Fillers at Hillary Democratic National Convention

Paid Seat Fillers were used to fill up empty seats left behind by Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention.

It's easier to accept differences when we remember that we are all Brothers & Sisters - and all a part of each other.

Another example of the 'Cute kid/National Geographic'style pro Palestinian propaganda.Cultural colonialism at its worst.

Israeli forces attack elderly Palestinian family amid demolition in East...

Israeli forces attack elderly Palestinian family amid demolition in East Jerusalem

Bill O'Reilly & Jon Stewart: O'Reilly is upset that Common was invited to the Whitehouse and Stewart points out Fox's inconsistencies.

Jon Stewart Exposes Bill O'Reilly's Stupidity on Bill's I despise this purportedly educated man. I am beginning to wonder did he purchase his Harvard University degree?

22=# of the master builder

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War on Terror Began on Leader against global terrorism has become Vladimir Putin born

More Anti-Libertarian Myths Refuted -- One-Year Anniversary of the Tom W...

Liberty in Our Time: Tom Woods Talks to Ian Freeman

The Feral Irishman: Pictures From The "TFI" Inbox.....

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CrossTalk: Legitimacy Wars

Vote vs vote - legitimacy vs legitimacy: During the course of a week Ukraine has experienced two election cycles with very different outcomes.