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Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America!  Click Here http://bb4sp.com/ #BB4SP

Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here http://bb4sp.com/ #BB4SP

Historical Presidential Lies  June 20, 2014 by Jimmy...And the biggest one of all: "I, barrack hussein obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America."

President Obama lied to us.It wasn’t a white lie. It wasn’t a fib. It wasn’t a half truth. It was a bold-faced lie.

Anti Barack

OBAMA=One Big Ass Mistake America Aren't we supposed to learn from them? NOT repeat them!

Barack Hussein Obama: The Complete List of Scandals, Atrocities, Crimes, and Misdeeds

The Complete List (Well, Almost) of Obama’s Scandals, Misdeeds, Crimes and Blunders.

MAJORITY OF AMERICANS: Obama is a Liar Who Can’t Be Trusted

Barack Obama Lies About “Signing Up” For Obamacare - The Ulsterman Report

Obama Is A Sad, Deluded Liar Who Needs To Go - Now The End Begins. You have to give Obama credit for one thing, he is a great liar. He has taken the previous liberal lair high water mark of “I don’t know that woman, Miss Lewinsky” to levels unimagined heretofore. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=15597

President Barack Obama altered his health care promise on Monday evening in a speech to about 200 of his campaign supporters and health care.'you can keep your health care plan if it hasn't changed since the law's passed"

Barbara Bush and Barack Obama, good and evil...

Barack Obama, Barbara Bush: Pic Of The Day… The look on her face says it all.

The "I don't know government"... Also known as "The biggest mistake in the history of America",,,

"Our "trusted" public servants know nothing about the biggest scandals since Watergate. Incompetence or Chicago-style politics? "LIKE" if you're not fooled.

Obama in his pyjamas  http://Cherylplumlee83.wordpress.com

That's all we need to know. The Muslim Brotherhood supporting Barack HUSSEIN Obama is known only as foreign born Barry Soetoro by his high school friends from Hawaii. The name was changed la.

Name it however you want, but in all ways there are, Barack Hussein Obama is nothing but a low down,dirty,lying, hypocritical, traitorous POS and an Enemy to Our Country!

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within." - Cicero BC America needs to unite, and fight for what is right! Not sure we can survive out fools when they choose a traitor as their leader.