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This is so me!

Ah, how much i've learned from the people who never existed. Thats not true. They do exist, in every otaku's heart.


Not to mention Levi and Yato share voice actors Levi / Attack on Titan - Sebastian / Black Butler - Ryuuji / Toradora - Yato / Noragami

My bestie is Levi! Comment yours below.

My best friend is Touka!😆 But I think Levi,Sebastian,Sora,Natsu, Ken and Yato are also good and don't forget Erza

9348_10151419403861767_1575255591_n.jpg 360×608 pixels.I am a taurus.The description fits me perfectly!Comment and let us know which one you are!

Anime horoscope a Sagittarius ♐️<< I'm Cancer! ♋️^^^Scorpio♏️>>>>>I'm a Pisces♓, but it and Aquarius should really be switched<<<I'm a virgo

Me too

Nobody is perfect, I'm nobody, so I'm perfect, Amagi Brilliant Park, Seiya Kanie;

What is your anime type, according to your birth month? Comment what you got. :)

What is your anime type, according to your birth month?

I agree..... You are screwed

Post a demotivational pic!

Black Butler what dose Sebby do with knifes? (yeah die) what dose Sebby dose by him self? what CAN'T Sebby do?

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Whats your anime? I'm Kyoto Animation, Main Character, Senpal + Intelligent, 2 seasons and 13 episodes, Romance and Sci-fi

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Kirito I wanted Kid but it's Ok! Kirito is a sandwich frek like me:D And Kid and I woul make a good duo

"But if you feel like crying, I don't think you should have to hold back. You should cry while you still can. When you get bigger, sometimes you can't cry, even if you have something you wanna cry about." - Tomoya Okazaki, Clannad  #quotes more on: http://quotesberry.com

Aww tomoyo that was soo sad Anime and incredible. That just define the; Soo many amazing lessons!