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Cocaine cookies backed with cocaine capsules inside, not grandma's recipe. Smuggler busted at Newark Airport.

Cocaine cookies: White pellets in cookies weren't chips, say officials

On that three stooge one, its sad that no one remembers the good ones, the black and white ones.

this dude is amazing. Only thing anyone has ever drawn on my dirty car windows was kilroy saying wash me.

Rowdy blue :)

omgshh i love dogs with diff colored eyes!

Some traditions just need to be carried out, no matter the circumstances.

See, his buddy gave his all. He misses his buddy, but understands his buddy's fight. If you can understand that, show respect.

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Comfy Cuisine: German Meat Pies

Growing up in a Polish family, we had sauerkraut often with many meals. My Mom's sauerkraut was the best and I would make a sandwich wit.

Black and white.

First ladies charm us with their refined allure, however there are the chosen ones as Jackie Kennedy who enter the history of fashion with their unique and mass inspiring appearance. Find out more about style icon Jackie O.

A protester sits in front of Chicago police officers Saturday during a demonstration on State street

The global phenomenon of sitting peacefully in the path of police or soldiers is consistent and the most blatantly non-violent protest while still being effectively noticed.