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Addicted to words...

booksdirect: “ “I’m addicted to words. The only way to get my fix is to write and read.

YES... and these are not the half of it!

Creative Writing 101

Hee hee Never thought I could say I'm a true "geek" but then again, I never considered books a "geeky" thing!!

Book Quote from Cinderella in Rubber Shoes "Say it Loud say It Proud I am a Book Geek"

I have actually stopped reading to eat and when I come back I turn on the TV because I thought I was watching a movie

aiyana on

Such an amazing feeling that happens to me every time I read a book

Why I Write Tumblr

Why I write: because kidnapping people and forcing them to act out your interesting make-believe worlds is technically illegal.

Jon Stewart discovers print books!

Truth About Books

Jon Stewart, explaining to young people why books are awesome. I love this. Even tho I read on an iPad now, books always win.

So true, so.......um... where were we!

~ WARNING ~ Writers will escape into their own world at any given time without notice. MY LIFE

This writer wants this as a poster!

Warning- Writer At Work! By Penalty of death of your favorite character do not enter except in case of real emergency. Things that constitute a real emergency; the house is on fire, the zombie apocalypse has begun, lunch is ready.