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from Kera Magazine

from Kera Magazine

Professional Gift Wrapping Techniques - 100 Things 2 Do

Professional Gift Wrapping Techniques

FAN-tastic Japanese Gift Wrapping This person wraps gifts so beautifully well, and with such intensive care to detail!

Vogue Nippon cover photographed by Dusan Reljin

Pictures From Lauren Bush & David Lauren’s Western Wedding

Magdalena Frackowiak by Dusan Reljin for Vogue Japan October Fashion stylist: Christopher Niquet Hair stylist: Eugene Souleiman Makeup artist: Fulvia Farolfi

Taiwan-based hangout continues the trend that has been popping up throughout China and Japan. Sometimes referred to as Neko cafés (neko meaning “cat” in Japanese), the cat-tastic, caffeinated hubs offer city residents a place to enjoy feline companionship

10 Fantastic Feline-Friendly Interior Designs

omg japanese cat cafes where people who have apartments too teeny for pets can spend time with felines!

Fan-tastic Japanese Gift Wrapping Video — SHIHO Style & Design

This is an improvised version of my previous video, "Fan-tastic Japanese Gift Wrapping." Fan design creates a festive and elegant look that it's perfect for .

belaquadros:    Amato Haute Couture  by Tina Patni

DREAM OF GEISHA. Shot by fashion photographer Tina Patni, the To Dream of Japan photo series is softly shot despite its bold makeup looks, by makeup artist Gene Ginno Alducente. Gown provided by Amato Haute Couture. The hair was styled by Jojo Padua

Octopus Ink by Fruba

I have recently started to get into ink drawing more and who who better to look at then Zak Smith. Hes a really cool ink artist and they way he executes.