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Origami - A Admirável Arte de Dobrar Papel!

If I was an origami person I would have a zoo, a jungle and maybe a whole ecosystem on my book shelves! 11 Animal Origami Finds #DIY

11 Animal Origami Finds

11 Animal Origami Finds - The best part about animal origami is that there is absolutely no way for it to come out looking not cute. Seriously, you could cut and fold a rabi.

@Leah Hernandez saw this for Jacob -  Origami animals

origami animals. origanimals.

very cool Origami bear by south african origami artist quentin trollip

Origami Elephant

Origami Asiatic elephant by Satoshi Kamiya folded by Gilad Aharoni


"Folda" is Yoda's cousin, made of paper! I don't like star ways but this was pretty awesome.