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A Scripture passage for every month: January - Psa 34:10. February - Psa 73:26. March - Heb 4:16. April - Num 23:19. May - Jn 14:27. June - Jer 33:3. July - Jer 1:5. August - Prov 18:21. September - Deut 28:8. October - 2 Tim 1:7. November - Isa 41:10. December - Jer 29:11.
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I just love this one! So sweet!
The heavens rejoiced when God's Son was sent to the earth.  There was great joy in the Unseen because of the sacrifice which God's Son was making for the good of God's Children.  In this way they do not speak of a sacrifice in the way that many Christians teach such a thing, but rather the sacrifice of serving God's Purposes instead of his own will.  His decision to come to those upon this earth was made of his own choosing, and for his desire to follow after God in whatever way God would…
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All time favorite movie. Everyone should at least see this once. #GOD'SNOTDEAD ❤
Good vs. Evil? Or Over the Top 2? :P
Free Bible Curriculum: 325 Bible Studies (Grades PreK-6th)