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Cute Fall Bagworm Bento Box Recipe

The idea of eating bagworms for lunch might turn you off, but these cute little bagworm characters will delight any ids fall bento box.

Godzilla Riceball Bento Box Recipe

It just takes a little nori seaweed and some creativity to transform an irregular shaped riceball into Godzilla! This is so cool and orig.

Three Colors Fried Rice Bento Box Recipe

This is a tasty twist on the regular bento lunch box. Mix up the menu with fried rice for a change. Make simple fried rice with egg, grou.

Field Day Eggheads Bento Box Recipe

Make these cute quail egg "eggheads" for your kids field day bento box lunch. The image s kids with their colorful caps running races.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Bento Box Recipe

Here's a cute bento box idea for Halloween. You could mix rice with a little cooked egg yolk for an orange tinge and put nori seaweed fac.

Space Invaders Bento Box Recipe

Here's a really creative Space Invaders bento box. First mix green food colorng with egg whites and fry a green egg sheet.

Rice Giraffe Bento Box Recipe

Here's a cute bento box idea. Mold white rice into the shape of a giraffe, then decorate with nori seaweed for the spots. Place the okazu.

Bento Box Recipes: Kamen Rider W Bento Box

Here's a cool Kamen Rider W(Double) bento box for your boy's bento lunch. Mix green peas and rice for a slightly green color.

Bento Box Recipes | Field Day Rice ball Bento Box Recipe

Make these adorable running rice ball characters for your kids next field day or sports event. They have nori seaweed details and bl.

Robot or Boat Bento Box Recipe

This bento box recipe idea is open to interpretation. Initially meant to be a boat, the answers from the mothers children included robot .

Bento Box Recipes

Here's a cute bento box for Valentin's Day. Use a cookie cutter and food coloring to make these cute heart characters.

Bento Box Recipes

Here's a cute Nameko mushroom character rice ball bento. The head is a triangular rice ball with a long tube of rice below.

Bento Box Recipes

Here's a cute and simple idea to make a Valentine's Day heart Rice ball bento. Mix a liitle ketchup with rice for a pink color and mold w.

【行楽弁当*ワンちゃんとネコちゃんのお稲荷さん】 の画像|Mai's スマイル キッチン

Here's an easy bento box idea. Cut a sheet of nori seaweed with a cat shape, you could use a cookie cutter.

Cheburashka Rice Bento Box Recipe

Here's another Cheburashka inspired bento box. This one uses rice balls covered in katsuo-bushi fish flakes.

Hello Kitty and Bear Bento Box Recipe

Hello Kitty s a beloved character in Japan and all over the world. With a little creativity, you can make a really cute Hello Kitty bento .