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Honey wooden "beehive" packaging

the wooden honey packaging enclosure reflects the visual design language of the ecologic apiary, only without the bees.


35 Incredibly Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves

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Les composants: - Le contenant: le packaging secondaire est en bois, reprenant la forme d'une ruche afin de séduire le consommateur et de se différencier des autres pots de miel. Le conditionnement est un simple pot en verre. L'ouverture est possible grâce à la corde qui sert également de anse.  - Le décor: Le graphisme est sobre mais très peu d'informations sur le produit sont présentes sur le packaging. Le produit est cependant attirant grâce au biomimétisme surprenant et original.

Bzzz premium honey packaging design by creative studio Backbone Branding to perfectly wrap the limited edition honey jars.

Angielski Tea packaging | ชาอังกฤษที่ทำให้เข้าเป็นอังกฤษมากๆ

Funny pictures about A very British tea party. Oh, and cool pics about A very British tea party. Also, A very British tea party.

もっとおいしいお米が食べたい方へ。大阪発、 お米のセレクトショップ「菊太屋米穀店」|ローカルニュース!(最新コネタ新聞)大阪府 大阪市|「colocal コロカル」ローカルを学ぶ・暮らす・旅する


もっとおいしいお米が食べたい方へ。大阪発、 お米のセレクトショップ「菊太屋米穀店」|ローカルニュース!(最新コネタ新聞)大阪府 大阪市|「colocal コロカル」ローカルを学ぶ・暮らす・旅する

Eco-friendly egg packaging made of hay. Designed by Maja Szczypek from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her design made it to the finals of t...

13 Amazing Packaging Designs


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[ #Packaging + #Design + cohesive branding + color palette ]  Soap Manufacturer Company 'Zador'

Packaging Design: Soap Manufacturer Company 'Zador'

Graphic Designer, Eszter Laki is the creator behind this gorgeous packaging design project that was created for the soap manufacturing company, Zador. The company uses all-natural ingredients and the soaps include fragrances such as;

Red Coral Necklace, Studio Otwarte, Krakow, Poland, 2013

Red coral necklaces are an important component to the traditional folk dress of this region. In many cultures, coral was a protective stone worn as a talisman to protect the wearer against evil spirits.

These Smart and Creative Packaging Designs, Will Make Us Want to Buy These Products ASAP!