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darth maul vs wolverine (james howlett / logan)

Who would win in a fight, Darth Maul or Wolverine? Darth Maul has a two-headed lightsaber, is a skilled fighter, & knows the force. Wolverine has adamantium .

cap vs vader? definitely vader.

Captain America v. Darth Vader

Image from http://static1.squarespace.com/static/51b3dc8ee4b051b96ceb10de/t/5474ba70e4b0e628822c170f/1416936049830/darth-vader-vs-doctor-doom-in-art-by-alex-ross.

Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom by Alex Ross, perfect timing with the news that Disney has bought Star Wars!

On the Radio. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham dedicates this next song, to someone special. You know who you are.... http://m.nydailynews.com/news/politics/donald-trump-john-mccain-article-1.2295807

Graham on Trump: He came in like a 'wrecking ball' - CNNPolitics

Wrecking Star takes the best of Star Wars and the worst of Miley Cyrus and we get this awesome shirt.

The Dark Side of the Force versus Aliens

The Dark Side of the Force versus Aliens

Instead of Aliens Vs. Predator we now have Star Wars Vs. Aliens thanks to a brilliant line of geek art mash up pieces.

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Asajj Ventress (postapokalipsis redesign) << HER SABERS LOOK SO COOL I CANNOT

imthenic: “ Asajj Ventress (postapokalipsis redesign) by Sergey Kykhylov ”