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The kind of American worth fighting for is an American that CARES and recognizes the sacrifice that our men and women overseas make!

photo - If You Want To Thank a soldier...be the kind of American worth fighting for!!

If You Want To Thank A Soldier, Be The Kind Of American Worth Fighting For -- Special thanks to all veterans and enlisted military. We appreciate everything that you do for our country.

We can't begin to thank our heroes/veterans enough, and our sorry ass politicians want to take care of illegal aliens better than these heroes!

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God Bless America!    Etsy

3 cheers for Red White Blue SIGN digital PDF - American 4th of july art words

Patriotic Subway Art from Detail Oriented Diva

Patriotic Subway Art - America - The United States of America - American Flag - Liberty - Justice - Freedom - USA - The US - God Bless America!

And I'm Proud To Be An American

Lee Greenwood - God Bless the USA - 1984 - Song Quote: "I'm proud to be an American"


Veterans Day is now here and it is a special and honorable day. We have 14 veterans day quotes in celebration of these forever soldiers.

Keep America working!

What's it like to work in a factory?

As part of the BBC's Made in America series, we hear from manufacturing workers about how they approach their job and how it's changed.