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Doing even just a few of these reminds us girls that we're loved

Any guys out there that would still do something like this? Guys THIS is all any girl wants. But I also am curious if there is a guys list?


Funny pictures about How Education Works. Oh, and cool pics about How Education Works. Also, How Education Works.

I'll be the one who breaks the window. Hold on.

The message is beautiful but plz dont say God****To all those people out there that I've talked to. *virtual hug* and if you ever need to talk I'm always here (I have no life) and if I ever talk to you don't be afraid to open up and rant.

Women let us do this so...

Women let us do this so...

Girlfriends Logic (gallery) Yes because groping someone in public is the same as cold toes.


Biggest Sexting Fails Ever When it's done right, it's ooo-la-la good, but when it's done wrong, well, just take a look.

These Artists Capture Perfectly What It's Like To Live With Anxiety

Anxiety is a very real condition that impacts millions of people. For those without anxiety, it's hard to understand what exactly our deal is. These artists have beautifully captured life with anxiety.

Kkkk bem eu!

Kkkk bem eu!