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It is generally our perception and interpretation
#Simplepurewhole #wellness prescription affirmation: "I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others!"
Often even very smart people can make terrible decisions. The problem arises when they act from a reactionary place and are not grounded and connected to their inner wisdom and strength. The ways in which we react to, regulate and interact with our emotions has profound repercussions for how we navigate our lives. Get your copy of The Whole Cure to learn more http://amzn.to/1wqppEV
When we align with who we really are, we thrive in our loving authenticity and are already perfect!
Revisiting this week's #simplepurewhole #wellness prescription to become more connected with the flow of the universe... Today, ask yourself where am I not surrendering in my life? What would that look like? What would that feel like? Like this if you are discovering more about yourself through reflection!
#Simplepurewhole weekly #wellness prescription! This week's challenge focuses on forgiveness. Forgiveness involves letting go of the past. It allows you to release the heaviness and old stories we hold on to that can hold us back. Forgiveness allows us to release the past and see the truth in the present moment.  Like this post if you are ready to forgive and move forward!
This week's #wellness prescription: "Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems." Focus on the positive and see if your mindset shifts. If you find yourself dwelling in the negatives or problems in your life, make a conscious effort to recognize some #positive #blessings you are also experiences. Share if you are taking on this challenge with me!
How often do we fail to act in a kind way to ourselves? Maybe you over exercise, overeat, drink more than you intended or self-criticize. This week notice how being more compassionate with yourself can open up being more #kind and aware of others as well! #thewholecure
The conventional health care system in the US tends to rely on brief office visits and pharmaceutical interventions to manage lifestyle-produced diseases but this approach is not sustainable nor satisfying for patients or providers. Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine offer another approach which seeks to identify and treat the origins of disease rather than only focus on controlling the symptoms.