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Fantasy water

the world is a drop of water. a drop of water is the world.

Morning dew on a spider web. - Macro photography. STEP RIGHT INTO MY LOVING PARLOUR said the spider to the fly, for mine is a magic diamond web, you can never escape me! some words my own, the actual fable written by Mary Howitt, English Poet, 1700s!

Morning dew on a spider web. Gorgeous photo of a spider web


Dew on Spider Web Natures Doorways

a drizzly day in Holland Park

Amazing surreal art. Eye in clouds, teardrops and water.

Depressive art symbolizing "cry me a river". Teardrops from saddened eye making ripples in pool of water.

The Inner & the Outer Worlds Reflect each other. Let's explore this relationship together. reneebeckmft.com

the glass ball with the trees reflecting through looks amazing, with all the water ripples and lovely blue colours.


Love this.Moss with lilac refraction. Artist: Lyn Evans at Red Bubble. Don't know how Lyn did it, but it's delightful!

Inspirationen aus der Natur! Kerstin Tomancok Farb-, Typ-, Stil & Imageberatung

011 - Water droplets / Source unknown at time of upload

This is what the tree people actually look like. Well, they're clear. That's what I'm saying. Like waterdroplets. What if you could see their veins through their skin, and they were a lace pattern, not a spiderweb pattern like ours?

The rare and beautiful water fairy