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These two :') chips ♥ But, cant the doctor do his sonicing and get money ?

What would happen if the Doctor read Twilight... (guilty admission, I do like the books, but take them as cheesy YA novels and nothing else. if nothing else, it was awesome to see my students reading ginormous books)

Matt Smith on Twilight. I love twilight and Dracula, but this is too funny!

Pinterest shall soon have to make a new label named WHOVIANS. It's flooding the geek factor!

I don't care about Yo mama jokes, but this is Doctor Who. Yo mama so fat, she can't even fit in the tardis.

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I cried like a baby! That's all I've wanted for rose and the doctor! rose gets the doctor. But the doctor doesn't really get rose.

River, does that mean there is spark of hope that you will come back???

Seriously though, the last thing she tells him before "Goodbye Sweetie" is that she was mentally linked with Clara. I think we'll be seeing River in season

So he does... because he's been messing with them all this time.

I point and laugh at archaeologists. (Funny thing is, that Doctor is David's father-in-law!