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100 Years of Selective Breeding ~  I found this interesting, despite where this pin originated. Any knowledgable comments would be great.

100 years of selective breeding. Sadly, this is why purebred dogs have so many health issues. Just go get a mutt from the shelter! As long as there are homeless animals, there's no such thing as a "reputable" breeder.

Awesome dog breeds

13 Awesome Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of. I've heard of all of them:)

Must give some love

Funny pictures about Dog Lover. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Lover. Also, Dog Lover photos.

Que tal pegar aquela camisa que não é mais usada e fazer uma coleira de pano para o seu bichinho? Recorte a gola, costure os fios e coloque no seu animalzinho! #Façavocêmesmo

♥ DIY Dog Stuff ♥ Fun DIY dog collar idea: trim the collar off a child-sized button-down shirt to make a cute collar for your pup. It's a great way to “dress up your dog without making him wear clothes!

La historia de Patrick, fe en la humanidad restaurada

[God bless the rescuers of this poor baby] Patrick, the incredible pitbull. Absolutely amazing recovery the first picture broke my heart

Cute & funny cross-breeds

Funny pictures about Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds. Also, Awesome Dog Cross-Breeds photos.

After seeing this, I have two thoughts: 1] the Lamprey is freaky as fuck, and reminds me of Tremors and the Alien chest-buster. 2] I want a Racoon Dog.

Animals that you didn’t know existed…

Here are some bizarre, yet real, animals you never knew existed. I knew the naked mole rat(From Kim Possible!), the star-nosed mole, and the Yeti Crab.

4 prosthetic legs, poor thing. But she looks so happy! #dog #prosthetics #inspiration

Bionic dog can walk again with fake paws

Nakio, a mixed-breed dog, has 4 artificial legs after losing all paws and part of his tail from frostbite after being abandoned as a puppy in a cold cellar. What spirit & heart this dog has, after all he went through. Just love this animal.

[PINDESCRIPTION] Dog Training @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW0HD30lfcY #pets #dogs #animals

Train your dog to come to you on command. TIP: repeat the steps until your dog understands what he/she needs to do when you call!

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

Funny pictures about Branch manager. Oh, and cool pics about Branch manager. Also, Branch manager.