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[Jackson Brown Jr quote] - a most awesome quote EVER! Seriously after you've read it. it's a game changer.

Warsan Shire: she's forever my favorite

Warsan Shire I think this speaks volumes to many women in todays world. Perhaps, all women of all time.

From bettergnomesandcauldrons on Facebook   So true. My sister passed away three years ago in a hospital and today my mom was admitted into the hospital. She should be okay in the end but she may lose a piece of herself. I'm keeping positive because goddess and God and all the spirits helping us are on our side.

“If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it, but most importantly show it.

I choose to be who I am

I exist, and therefore I matter. My thoughts matter. My feelings matter. My voice matters. Best quote ever!

It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. there is a sickly moment of dark suprise as you try to readjust the way you thought of things.

...*wild applause* By Erin Hanson

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They'll be madly in love with you and see you as absolute perfectuon. Wow.

I hope this is true. Because to at least one person, you're going to be absolute perfection and they're going to fall in love with you. But before they do, don't be afraid to fall in love with yourself.

Sorry about all the school stuff, I'm just casually having college forced down my throat right now

We usually know the answer but barely know ourselves. High School by Blythe Baird.

She was a brand new solar system, Unlike the ones they'd known so far, with constellations ever changing...

Shattered Starlight by Erin Hanson. This is gorgeous, it has to be one of my favorite poems right now. I think it's my favorite poem.

"But a certain sign of grace is this From the broken earth flowers come up Pushing through the dirt..." DCB

20 Quotes For Challenging Times

I sure hope so. It's been far too long now. "change, often the feeling is anything but pleasant // alice walker, living by the word

My favorite quote ~~ Maya Angelou

:) I have made it through many heart breaking things in my life by turning to Inspirational Quotes by Maya Angelou. What a wonderful lady!