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This make sooo much sense! I learn something new about Harry potter all the time🙌

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ron weasley rupert grint harry potter funny Daniel Radcliffe Hermione Granger Emma Watson fred weasley george weasley draco malfoy severus snape hogwarts hp voldemort dumbledore Gryffindor hufflepuff slytherin ravenclaw<<<Excuse you. That's Fred Weasley!


Oh my gods the perfect casting is killing me! It's like, making the entire Percy Jackson fandom SO jealous. :Sobs in corner: "Why can't the Percy Jackson movies be amazing like Harry Potter's?

This is true- look it up!

Am i reading this for real. All such details in hp series make me believe in its existence.<---- We learn in the book he cared the most for Harry

Tom Felton for Prime Minister.

Dan is not stupid.

gosh, you defeat one dark wizard and everybody thinks ur some kinda hero. U get to decide the rules of ice cream xD

I don't even ship them but this is so cute!

Come to the dark side. We have Draco Malfoy. Must stop before this becomes a ship. No Dramione. (apologies to Dramione shippers, but this is just not my scene.