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Bad Luck Insanity Wolf

Bad Luck Insanity Wolf

All black german shepherd :) if I can't have an all black cat I'll get me one of these.<<<<wtf that's no ordinary "black German shepherd" that's SIRIUS F-ING BLACK RIGHT THERE

Harry Potter Tumblr #2 by Vlade harry potter fandom has finally lost their minds

Why does everyone think Harry stole the lollipop ! He didn't if he did you would see his hand coming out of the invisibility cloak or the lollipop would have turned invisible ! IT GOT STUCK TO THE FREAKING CLOAK!

Portraits from Hogwarts by PheaVampire on deviantART

Hogwarts portraits >>> oh wow it went in a complete different direction than I expected>>>I was not expecting that

HP Tumbler-- pinned for #6 and why we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort-- although it must be stated that Umbridge was every bit as prejudiced and xenophobic as Voldemort-- look at how she treats centaurs, Hagrid, and house-elves. And putting Moody's eye in her door--ugh.  Talk about your massive disrespect towards people with disabilities/amputees.

What impresses me the most is Post "Voldemort is the villain we never hope to face. Umbridge is the villain we face every day." <- Absolutely right!

de782585671a6fce91fa7e2bbeb23441.jpg 498×1 798 pikseli

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry-James Potter-Sirius Black-Remus Lupin-Peter Pettigrew-Lily Evans-Prongs-Padfoot-Moony-Wormtail-Gryffindor

My childhood in a nutshell.

The first and last words of the Harry Potter movies are said by Albus. "I open at the close." OH MY POOR FEELS. and the whole harry potter fandom cries together, flooding the earth, and ultimately destroying the impurity called LIFE!

The marauders and signing part 1

The marauders and signing part 1 Is this where peeves picked up his habit of making up songs?<-- I like that idea