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If you ever need to throw a brick at someone nicely....

One wishes to acquaint your facial features with a fundamental item used in building walls.

It's back! Haha Hearst driver turned taxi driver

- ̗̀ smell the roses ̖́-<<<< I feel so bad for that poor guy XD But not bad enough to stop laughinh

We're all pretty much the same person when it comes to weird little habits.

17 Photos That Prove We All Do And Think The Same Weird Shit

God bless America.

I used to work at a pizza place and there was a shake shop down the road and we did this literally like every week, it was the best. <--almost makes working at a restaurant seem less horrible>>aww

Fucking hell. I'd rather have my precious gem put in Excalibur (if anyone doesn't know what that is, look it up)

Ashes compressed into gemstone jewel sword avenge I will not die unless I am killed I can assure you

XD but really the confusing stuff is SO much funnier than the embarrassing stuff, mainly because I am a victim of secondhand embarrassment about 95% of the time (but actually I laugh at myself at lot which is weird)

For my senior prank some people want to put thousands of plastic camels with Bill Cosby's face on all or at least most of them as well as pictures of him and other people all over the school because of this post.