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Astrology of Taurus Sexuality... (omg...this is so me !:-))

What Taurus is like in bed, in love, in a relationship, and with other signs. Sex signs and compatibility.

Ahahhaha I am, I dont beat around the bush or sugar coat shit, I'm not offerin you a snack . When I have a point to make, I make it and am done with it.

inside joke can't smoke me or grow me spies violently abuse i am mother and not a herb

Love is a game of tic tac toe

Xs & Os ~Lang Leav Love is a game of tic tac toe, constantly waiting for the next x or o.

Well.... This is interesting!

If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Drug… Which one would it be? This is a fun way to get to know all 12 Astrology signs.