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What we can and can't afford.

The Republican Rape Advisory Chart (Vol II)

Daily Kos: GOP Rape Advisory Chart Vol. 2 seriously people are sick and wrong rape is wrong -.

I am enraged <<< I don't even like pinning this it's so extreme

I am enraged <<< I don't even like pinning this it's so extreme<<<Spread the word so people know

Someone finally says it. This is the hypocrisy of your average tumblr user.

"If you claim you want equality but put someone down because they're privileged, that doesn't make you an advocate for equality, it makes you an asshole.

A brief description of any given medium (Internet, comedy, film, etc.)

A brief description of any given medium (Internet, comedy, film, etc. Tears of men.

Republicans hate women. So important.

"Ladies THIS IS the GOP! Nothing the GOP will do will make your life better.they just do not want equally for women in any way!" Seriously fucked up. The American Taliban.


Makeup is art, cheer is a sport, motherong can be a full time job. Stop belittleing women's passions because they are traditionally feminine

People don't expect women to like comics because of all the highly-sexualized female characters and explosions/action scenes (all things marketed to men) but it still is sexist to assume that a woman waiting in line to see a movie based on a comic knows nothing of the comic (since you don't also assume that of the men in line)

Are you kidding me! So a woman can basically create a character, create an entire world, and still have some rando mans plain it to her!

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Feminism << that's not even feminism that's basic human rights buddy. Also "gender non-conforming women" is kinda weirdly phrased but whatev

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