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Israel closes sole commercial crossing into Gaza for one week

Israel once again closed the only commercial crossing with Gaza on Tuesday. Israeli officials cite security reasons for their decision that was put into effe.

'Web van corruptie onder de elite': Murdoch, Cheney en Rothschild krijgen olierechten Syrië in handen - http://www.ninefornews.nl/web-van-corruptie-onder-de-elite-murdoch-cheney-en-rothschild-krijgen-olierechten-syrie-in-handen/

Petrolio in Siria e gli interessi di Rothschild,Cheney & Murdoch

▶ Leave Israel Alone WOW,Crazy jew!!!

Leave Israel Alone

Israel Lobby: Anti-Semitism battle in UK Labour Party | UK News | Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera reveals how charges of anti-Semitism by Labour group targeted Israel critics and saw some investigated.

Is Israel a US Ally?

National Summit to Reassess the U.-Israel "Special Relationship" on March 2014 at the National Press Club. Philip Giraldi is a former counter-terrorism .

جيش الاحتلال يعتقل فلسطينيين وتستدعي آخرين من بيت لحم: اعتقلت قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي، اليوم ، شابين فلسطينيين وسلمت آخرين من محافظة بيت…

we were ordered to kill palestinians civilians: Israeli soldiers confess

IDF soldiers mock & disrupt Palestinian reporter blasting 'Israel’s racist policy' (VIDEO) — RT News

Journalist hit by stun grenade covering West Bank clashes

UK police reopens 30-year-old murder case of Palestinian cartoonist Naji../ It is the 30th anniversary of the death of pioneering Arab cartoonist Naji al-Ali. He was shot to death as he walked to his office in London.  Ali's political cartoons were scathing of both Arab governments and Israel, and his most famous character, Handala, remains a symbol of Palestinian resistance to this day.  His killers have never been caught.

UK police reopens murder case of Palestinian cartoonist Naji al-Ali

Alan Watt - Israel and the World Revolutionary Movement

: Cutting through the Matrix : & must be offered to and the of

Israel trying to keep Palestinians a minority group

Recent figures show Palestinians account for 20 percent of Israel’s overall population. According to statistics, Palestinians have managed to keep a steady p.