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A South Korean website has revealed photos of mutant vegetables from Japan. They say it happened because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. ...

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has resulted in some pretty weird plant hybrids pictures) - Potatoe

Enormous onion

a giant onion

140 turbinas flutuantes serão instaladas ao longo da costa, criando uma opção renovável de energia para os japoneses.

Japoneses instalam primeira turbina do que será o parque eólico de Fukushima

Fukushima gets wind farm two years after nuclear disaster - video

Giant Vegetables displayed at a vegetable expo in China

Giant Vegetables displayed at a vegetable expo in China

An amateur gardener has s-mashed his way into the record books - after growing the world's biggest POTATO.

Amateur gardener grows world's biggest potato

I think this dog is from alabama. Look at how deformed it is. The owners probably let the dogs reproduce by means of incest. Get your pets spayed or neutered.

Following up this article..Mutated canola looking like a new kind of plants Double-headed type of mutation found in Chiba and Gunma. ↓ Nagareyama city Chiba. Known to be hot

It is a rose by another name, just irradiated.

“Goodnight everyone I'm out”

'Mutant Daisies' Spotted Near Fukushima Plant Four Years After Nuclear Meltdown - Yahoo News UK

Man Discovers ‘Mutant Daisies’ Growing At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Man Discovers ‘Mutant Daisies’ Growing At Fukushima Nuclear Plant - Yahoo News

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This is actually vegetable growing in Brazil called "Chuchu" pronounced shoo-shoo.They DO grow on Trees At "Cupcake Relations " Seekamp lol

Remembering Fukushima nuclear disaster, Ed Asner urges an end to nuclear energy

On March four reactors at Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan, went into crisis after an earthquake and Tsunami knocked out critical electricity supplies.

Эти огурцы определенно не хотят быть съеденными.

13 Funny-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Look More Like Plants

A recent episode of the Everyday Health TV show showed how Katie's Krops turned one cabbage into a way to feed the hungry. Here, more amazing giant fruits and vegetables.

Fukushima breaking news; California an ecological disaster  UNFOLDING

California an ecological disaster UNFOLDING