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True.  Also applies to those who have not rectified a wrong even after apologizing b/c of their own pain/shame .... forgive them anyway?  Trying.  Hard. ~sh

Forgiveness Unblocks your Blessings., Uplifting quote on forgiveness. Bible says when we forgive people we unblock the blessing so whenever some do mistake and don't apologize to you just forgive them anyway.


And that's why you're gonna be a man after God's heart, my amazing future husband

I'm Possible

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Audrey Hepburn - Quote 'Nothing is Impossible, The word itself says "I'm possible"!

I use that term "sleep forever" for the equivalent of "I want to die". My friend has no clue behind the true meaning of that phrase for me.

I just wanna sleep forever quotes quote girl sad lonely teen quotes. Uhhh yeah no, I just want to sleep forever cuz I love sleep.