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Hetalia Flags. United Nations

by Sorami Hetalia flags Left to right : Russia China Japan Canada England America Italy Romano Germany Prussia Spain France

Chibi Prussia Diaries -005- by *Arkham-Insanity on deviantART

You know I think Chibi Prussia should have tried for a smaller target.the Roman Empire is worthy prey, but.Yeah Grandpa Rome can be kinda scary when you get on his bad side Germania wan.

HEY! THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL COLOR! AMERICA WOULD NEVER SAY IT LIKE THAT! OBVIOUSLY A CANADIAN OR ENGLISHMEN OR AUSTRALIAN MADE THIS! *England Canada and Australia team up and hit me in the face with Hungary's frying pan collection until I apologize greatly for correcting there spelling...* great art I love it!

I could see this working just a well, if not better, with France and England XD - Also, America using the English/Canadian/Australian spelling of 'color/colour'

Wow, they look like they're kicking you in the ass

Take a second to appreciate China and his wok and label.

Of course the most ripped character in the show is Vic goddamn Mignogna's.

Hima wasn't kidding when he said Greece was as muscular as Germany. I'm laughing so hard right now, it's not normal anymore.


Just meme it!

england looks like he gunna kill sumbadi i own nothing the wall outlet faces of hetalia

I am reminded of Hetalia...the French guy looks like France and the English guy looks like England

I am reminded of Hetalia.the French guy looks like France and the English guy looks like England<<Uhhh i think this is Hetalia<< are posting this for these comments. and because it's hilarious (and yes, it is hetalia).