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These are Ulfhednar. In Norse mythology they are berserker warriors but with a lupine (Wolf) aspect rather than ursine (bear).

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15 Awesome viking berserker symbol

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Let them come like cowards and die like vermin

Viking's ancient laws gave women more equal rights than virtually any civilization prior to the century.

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Viking SpecOps

Viking Fur Coats Norse legend speaks of berserkers who were warriors that came to battle allegedly dressed in the skin of a bear. These men would work themselves up into a furious rage leading to fighting in a frenzy until the battle was over.

Irish Gael repelling Viking raiders.  Click on image to ENLARGE.

The Ultimate List of Badass Warriors from History and Mythology

The Norseman by brunostahl

Spartan Soldier colored warm up coloring for the day. Less than including flat work.

27 Interesting Facts About The Viking Lifestyle

27 Interesting Facts About The Viking Lifestyle

The songs of my ancestors have not faded into time. I still sing them in this heathen heart of mine.

A very Argetallam way of thinking. (Elisabeth Wheatley)

F**k Yeah Friday! (39 Photos)

Norse warrior - trouble with the rains is that we miss out on vikings in t'snow innit.

Vikings Don't Get Any Credit

Vikings Don't Get Any Credit

Funny pictures about Good Guy Viking. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guy Viking. Also, Good Guy Viking.