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Wren Walking in Harden woods (near Bingley) with parents, it was hopping in the trees and then flew out and right into us, it had a right shock. very sweet!

Adorable beautiful White faced whistling ducks love each other. | PicsVisit

White Faced Whistling Ducks - mutual preening, Photography by Kate Sweeney

American-robin: Diana Beltran Herrera’s Flock of Paper Birds: Herrera cuts paper into feathers and constructs hyper-realistic sculptures of birds. She has created her own aviary complete with more than 100 species found around the world, from woodpeckers, eagles, blue herons, flamingos, cardinals, blue jays, robins and warblers. The artist’s first international solo exhibition, “Diana Beltran Herrera: Birds of Florida,” is now on display at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Winter Park…

Diana Beltran Herrera’s Flock of Paper Birds

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Great Backyard Bird Count: What's dining at your bird feeder?

Least Flycatcher (Empidonax minimus) Canada and northern United States

Least Flycatcher May Marsh Wildlife Area. Oak Harbor, OH.

© Byard Miller, Alabama, November 2007, http://www.flickr.com/photos/9534802@N02/2047577827/

Boat-tailed Grackle by Byard Miller. Source: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Dark-eyed Junco - "Slate-colored" Junco.  These birds come to Oklahoma during the winter and help the sparrows, bluejays, and mourning doves eat the seeds we put out.  Really lovely bird.

DARK-EYED JUNCO - Our Winter "Snowbird" Visitors. I love these little birds. I have quite a few of them hanging around my bird feeder and they are so fun to watch!