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Damn right. I meant what I said. Done being pushed around. I know my damn worth. Life is short, love the ones who treat you right.

Love in truth doesn't need any other adjectives it doesn't require modifiers it doesn't require the condition of perfection it only asks that you show up and do your best

Dear human, you've got it all wrong. You didn't come here to master unconditional love, you came here to learn personal love.

Move forward.

Christian D Larson Quote: Promise Yourself To Be So Strong That Nothing Can Disturb You Peace Of Mind

and I swear to love every corner of your being, and make you see how beautiful your flaws are in return.

Fall in love with me all of me good and bad. Fall in love with my flaws. Fall in love with all of me, the whole me, the real me. or don't love me at all. Love all of me.

I needed this. Sometimes even the smallest acts, are indeed acts of bravery and kindness. Be mindful. You never really know the internal magnitude of another person's actions or there meaning to them.

inspirationwordslove: i want to feel ali inspiration positive words

I feel like this! Just please make an insert about how I want to let God control things. I feel like if I control the fact that God is in control everything will be all right. I want to have a relationship that is unfathomably deep.

Before you can grow up,  you must fall in love 3 times... ❤️❤️❤️

Fall In Love Three TimesFall In Love Three Times Omgoodness! This is so true. I have learned so much about myself and I have fallen in love with someone who was a mirror image of me, and someone who was my best friend where our friendship was ruined.