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So Very True!!!

So Very True!!!

So Very True!

So Very True!

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And called Nana's too lol

So true

I love my grandson


The first steps a grandchild takes is to your heart.

#thingsIlove ❤

Cuddling before bed relaxes the brain, reducing the process of overthinking, making it easier to fall asleep: I know this is true. I love our snuggle time each night before we fall asleep.

Certainly true!

Grandma is my favorite (People were trying cute little names. I believe I earned the name Grandma, and I love it.

My three Grandsons!!!! Priceless

My 2 grandkids ❤️ Priceless

Wife and Mother <3

I am Mom. I am Grandma, That is me. I am all of these things.

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Grown means nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? In a mothers heart each will always be her baby. That's nothing but the damn truth!