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With my luck they would be the three stooges!!!

Walk like you have three men walking behind you. -Oscar de la Renta Or you could walk however the hell you want because this is the century and our lives do not revolve around men sorry this quote really irks me because its written by a man for women

Meilleures Citations De Mode & Des Créateurs Description Typographic Print fashion quote print poster by BearAndRobot —- I would like to amend this to say BOOKS in place of Shoes…


So true ! Maturity goes a long ways {The Classy Woman}: The Modern Guide to Becoming a More Classy Woman: There is Joy in Being a True Lady

A girl knows her limits, a wise one knows she has none. Marilyn Monroe* *I'm not sure if its a quote from Marilyn, there is so many fake marilyn quotes to keep track but either way. I love the picture and the quote is very true.

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Dear ladies. http://www.silkavenue.co.uk?utm_content=bufferdcddf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer #SilkAvenueStore #fashion #Handbags #DesignedInLondon #Inspiration

Or when it's a day I won't be seeing you!! :-) pinned u some stuff on travel & decor if u haven't looked there. I'll leave u alone for awhile...don't want to drive u crazy! Gonna take a short nap with my doggie in my chair...& of course think of u Baby!! Wish you were in my arms & snuggled close!! I Love YOU with ALL my heart!! I Do Miss U!!!!***

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"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color." LOL I wear black ALL the time LOVE it

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Citations de Mode : Meilleures Citations De Mode & Des Créateurs : The 50 Most Inspiring Fashion Q

Citations de Mode : Meilleures Citations De Mode & Des Créateurs : The 50 Most Inspiring Fashion Q


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