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Sheriff Grady Judd comment

Sheriff Grady Judd comment

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

A day with Sheriff Grady Judd

Polk County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Grady Judd Comme #Gildan

Polk County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Grady Judd Comme

Polk County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Grady Judd Comme #Gildan

Sheriff Clarke:  not buying one word of eric holder's ferguson report.   (I'm not either...and you watch, this has ALL been a front for the REAL agenda...which is full federal control of ALL "police" agencies. Stupidity-struck republicans are helping this administration take total control of the U.S.    . if we are even able to have a 2016 election will be a miracle...cuz i say obama isn't gonna let that happen, God i hope i'm wrong...but my gut says things will never be the same)

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Not Buying One Word’ Of Eric Holder’s Ferguson Report « Pat Dollard

Sheriff Grady Judd - if you're gonna break the law, stay out of Polk county Ha ha yeah

Sheriff Grady Judd: Support Stand Your Ground Law Posted by Laura J Alcorn National Director on August 2013 at

Sheriff Judd and puppy.JPG

Sheriff Judd and puppy.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd responded defiantly to a reporter on Friday when he was asked if he “regrets” saying that his officers were prepared for a “gunfight” with a group of dangerous murder suspects.  “I think everybody understands the gravity of what happened and the urgency and...

Reporter Asks Sheriff If He ‘Regrets’ Comments About Murder Suspects in ‘Heat of the Moment’ — Watch the Question Backfire

Sheriff Grady Judd to parents of bullies: We'll discipline them for you

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd sent a message to parents who don't discipline their children for bullying. Judd announced the arrests of two girls charged wi.

New top story from Time: Mahita GajananFlorida Sheriff Says Sex Offenders Wont Be Allowed in Hurricane Irma Shelters http://time.com/4929740/hurricane-irma-florida-sex-offenders/| Visit http://www.omnipopmag.com/main For More!!! #Omnipop #Omnipopmag

Florida Sheriff Says Sex Offenders Won’t Be Allowed in Hurricane Shelters

Florida Sheriff to deny sex offenders shelter during Hurricane Irma.

Irma: Florida sheriff threatens jail for anyone with outstanding warrants seeking shelter

Florida Sheriff urges Americans to arm up: “It is More important to have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone” ⋆ Freedom Daily