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Boi you gonna die.

The real reason Naruto dominated Pain: Because Pain destroyed Ichiraku Ramen

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Hoenn League Starters - This gen was very hard to choose, but I probably relied on Treeko the most. Props to them all though.

oh my gosh! they're cosplaying Fruits basket! *SCREAM in a really fangirlish way*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Ouran High School Host Club Fruits Basket Cosplay for fans of Ouran High School Host Club images.

If I am proposed to, I need this. - Imgur

If I am proposed to, I need this.

Say "I choose you" in the most romantic way possible with the Pokemon engagement ring. It boasts an eye-catching design with a karat diamond Pokeball surrounded by a tasteful jewel encrusted band. It's a ring worthy of a true Pokemon master's spouse.

So cute!!  | Anime found on Pinterest.

Pokémon - Umbreon was designed to be light in the dark, and this concept art captures it as the viewer can see a glowing yellow with a glossy black. The yellow shapes are so very solid rings but the rest of its body is uneven and graceful in shape.

What Pokemon teaches us.  At least, the lesson was good up until Hoenn. Then the anime SUCKED afterwards.

Pokemon teaches kids that it's ok to lose, as long as you try your very best! And it teaches us more life lessons than school.