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adobe: casas ecologicas #casasmodernasinteriores #casasecologicaseconomicas

adobe: casas ecologicas #casasmodernasinteriores #casasecologicaseconomicas

Moon to Moon: Mayne Island Cob House

Mayne Island Cob House 06 - I love everything about this! Loft bedroom with desk and outside access.

Strawbale Home

Cob kitchen and open living space. I would not keep books near the kitchen like this, though. They could absorb the different food aromas over time and it could ruin them.

I love the warm, natural feeling of the stone, curved wood, light and archway..

I love the warm, natural feeling of the stone, curved wood, light and archway..

Cozy Room with Slanted Walls

Cob house - love this for master bedroom, cozy, sunshine to wake me up, really love the asymmetrical wood beams. Or just a cool hangout movie room /sleepover room

These 100% Sustainable Homes Will Make You Rethink Your Priorities In Life. - http://www.lifebuzz.com/earthships/

It raining and I am dreaming of living in one of Taos Earthships, growing my own food and keeping dry and warm !

COB house: structural composite of earth, clay, straw, sand and water, hand-sculpted into shelters or houses.

Building an Eco-Home With COB

What is a COB? Cob is a structural composite of earth, clay, straw, sand and water that is hand-sculpted into wall decorations. shelters or houses. With cob you can also create beautiful wall-sculptures, to achieve various interior design.

Great porch idea. Built in seating for entertaining guests

a modern rustic home on formentera by the style files, via house design interior design home design design

Trompe l'oeil ruins cover the walls of this unusual living room which features a fireplace shaped as the mouth of Neptune and a patterned marble floor in Tuscany ~ Renzo Mongiardino

Bomarzo cast-Mogiardino-Elsa Peretti Tower Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg of the fireplace in Elsa Peretti’s holiday retreat, La Torre, on the Tuscan coast. Designed by Milanese architect Renzo Mongiardino.

Clay-based materials are high in thermal mass...which means they are good at absorbing and storing heat energy. This is great for heating in winter, when you have an energy source like a wood fire or the sun to warm your mass. It's also great for summer IF the mass is fully in the shade...because then the cool mass is continually absorbing excess heat and humidity from the air (and keeping your space nice and cool).  Photo from Interioare naturale

Masonry stove /fireplace hybrid - warm your home more efficiently, make it cozy, natural living DOES NO ONE have a Mom who just builds a real fireplace over a long weekend?

More that 60 years old wooden house - agroturismo, Jolinkowo, Beskid Makowiecki, 60km from Kraków / Poland

The perfect rocket stove for our outdoor kitchen - featuring: a hibachi-style grill top an oven a grated grill top and a smoke stack! Re-post by Hold With Hope

Hobbit House

Hobbiton in New Zealand: Lovely Place of Hobbit Houses

not the place, but most definitly my dream home - Interior, The Hobbit House, New Zealand