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O.o hmmm...

The Doctor doesn't eat apples. Apples are rubbish ;


We should! Shes getting all my nerves asking me where she needs to go especially when the place is right behind her. Maybe she needs an smart phone

Ugh this happened to me all the time at the animal hospital

For me it's usually someone I'm with that's doing the talking and I'm trying to give them the look to shut up!

or whack your friends with it... or use it as a sword... or ya know throw it across the room

What students do with rulers in school. (in addition to the pie graph) break it, .whack your friends with it. use it as a sword. or, ya know, throw it across the room

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They be like I just wanna thank God and my mom. Like do you seriously wanna thank God? Or try to make a good impression?