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Which Would You Choose? Difficult choices ...

tea over coffee.pirates over ninjas.pancakes over waffles.but, I cannot choose between cats and dogs

It's been an awful couple weeks and honestly I just need a hug. I hate feeling like this but it won't go away.

Change it to how many hugs can I give away? Like this pin for a free virtual hug! *hugs screen* for all of you guys who are having a rough time!

Should be fun. Please comment, I'm dying of boredom. (cough) must (cough) be (cough) entertained. (dying breath)

Alright guys, even if you don't know me ask me absolutely anything and I will answer it, the odder/weirder the better. Just anything and I am not going to judge you on your question. I am bored. So, ask away in the comments below please!

YES! Because the song "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran, it's about loving someone no matter the age and I'm just like "STEVONNIE AHHH NO SHOOT ME" and I even put that song in a sad FANFIC ABOUT THEM I WROTE ARG

Otp= one true pairing. Otp's happiness=more important than my happiness. Otp=my happiness. Otp=my pain.