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Haha! Totally me.

Too bad im petty Ill leave the plate in the sink lmfao. "Why this plate still in the sink?" because I was done washing dishes lol

XD although I am a saw dust isn't just a man thing...

A western Man is not afraid to get his hands dirty or break into a hard sweat. A western man knows and appreciates the dignity of hard work.

18 'Phelps Angry Face' Memes That Take Over The Rio Olympics - 9GAG

18 'Phelps Angry Face' Memes That Take Over The Rio Olympics


sometimes i use big words i don't always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis

Me after watching the Puppy Monkey Baby Mountain Dew commercial

No Super Bowl 50 commercial was more profoundly unsettling than Mountain Dew Kickstart's "Puppy Monkey Baby." And when the Internet gets its hands on something this creepy/scary/fascinating, there is only one thing to do: create Puppy Monkey Baby mem…

Quick, pull the nope alarm!

in case of a fire. we’re just gonna have to die.so true :/ can't do spiders