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A new flick making a buzz, is Government Secret Code, look for it in BestBuy .com and Barnes & Noble released this month made by the #1 victim of crime in the world, governmentsecretcodecom avail at the website

FBI Hacked into TOR Network to Investigate Child Pornography associated with Freedom Host Servers

TPP: The Biggest Threat to the Internet You've Probably Never Heard Of

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is being negotiated in secret between more than 12 countries around the Pacific region.

Firefox 58 will become the first of the major browsers to ask users to give their permission before their browser fingerprints can be extracted and tracked without cookies.

Firefox takes a bite out of the canvas ‘super cookie’

Why Tim DeChristopher Went to Prison for His Protest Thoreau marched to a different drummer. We all should

Tens of Thousands Rally to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline & Urge Obama to Move "Forward on Climate" Tuesday, 19 February 2013 By Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!

L'Égypte en état d'urgence après une journée sanglante. À la une du Figaro.

En direct : les événements en Égypte

Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi run from Egyptian security forces firing towards them during clashes in Cairo's Nasr City district, Egypt, Aug.

Wisconsin Senate passes mental health bills

Wisconsin to claim marital property for Medicaid debts . this is oppression and the opposite of SMALL GOVERNMENT.

The Mainstream Corporate Media and the US Government Shill for Toxic Monsanto MS MEDIA,  WHAT A JOKE!

Censored 2014 : fearless speech in fateful times : the top censored stories and media analysis of (Book, [University of South Dakota]

Insecurity: Richard Stiennon on Data Sanitization  ||  In this episode of the InSecurity Podcast, host Shaun Walsh is joined by special guest Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group and Director of the IDSC, to discuss the often-overlooked topic of data sanitization: the process of deliberately, permanently, and irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on a memory…

InSecurity Podcast: Richard Stiennon on Data Sanitization

You Have Felt it Your Entire Life; Something Needs to Change!

You have felt it your entire life. Some things definitely need to change. Wake Up World!

Oliver Stone: The Untold History Of The United States (2012) | Watch Documentary Free Online

Oliver Stone: The Untold History Of The United States

Monsanto is evil!!!

Global anti-GMO action: People unite against Monsanto dominance

1Stack - Edward Snowden

NSA/NRO/CIA have huge budgets while education & food stamps get massive cuts.Edward Snowden reveals the US 'black budget' of secret intelligence spen.

- Learn how I made it to 100K in one months with e-commerce!

- Learn how I made it to 100K in one months with e-commerce!

The Militarized Pacific: An Anniversary Without End

As the anniversary of various episodes of death and destruction such as nuclear tests is observed, to an extent rarely realized in the US, the Pacific remains a region scarred by militarism, colonialism and an ongoing legacy of racism and war without end.

Are you ready for your spiritual awakening?

Are you ready for your spiritual awakening?