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"Step into the trunk-measuring apparatus and map the contours of your torso and the bends of your spine." Image: Tekniska Museet LINK=>ARTICLE These elaborate exercise machines were like the Victorian Bowflex (Retronaut)

vintage dental chair

The first "real" dentistry chair. Made from a spinning wheel and a Windsor style chair (you can see the fringe on it.pretty :)) by John Greenwood (George Washington's dentist). The chair has a foot powered drill and a headboard.

A pair of the first roller skates which were invented in London in 1897. Known as "Road Rollers", they were incredibly popular, especially with businessmen who used them to skate to and from work. On a smooth surface skaters could reach speeds of 16 miles per hour though each of the contraptions weighed around 40 lbs.

The skates are a rare example of 'Road Rollers' -hugely popular with London businessmen in Victorian times. From British museum, 2010

Perkins D cylinder Printing Press    British Library    London    Photograph 2006 by Jacqueline Banerjee.    This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose.    This machine printed the original Penny Black and Two Pence Blue postage stamps first issued in May 1840. The inventor of the machine, Joseph Perkins, was an American living in London.

perkins d cylinder printing press - this machine printed the original penny black and two pence blue postage stamps first issued in may the inventor of the machine, joseph perkins, was an american living in london.

Victorian Fitness Machines

This woman appears to be pulled back and ready to blow on a Human Sling Shot.or, it's an exercise contraption in the late Loving her workout fashion.