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Information about the ceratopsian dinosaur Triceratops and thousands of other prehistoric creatures.


Models for Sinking Ship Entertainment and for "Dino Dan" TV-series.Psittacosaurus sibiricus (textured by Andrey Atuchin) and Archelon (textured by Vladimir Tihanov).

Pentaceratops is often said to have the largest skull of any land animal (although both Torosaurus and Eotriceratops may rival it). Its name means “five-horned face”. This may be misleading, since two of its horns are actually epijugal bones (the spike-like projections under the eyes) which most ceratopsians had, but were particularly large in Pentaceratops

Pentaceratops is often said to have the largest skull of any land animal.

The Mesozoic Era - Pinegreenwoods

This has to be in my top 10 greatest paleo-art ever. I love the detail on the tyrannosaurus and the barren landscape In the cretaceous period.

#Triceratops by Vlad Konstantinov, ~Swordlord3d on deviantART #dinosaur #paleoart

Vlad Konstantinov Triceratops horridus by

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In fact, their 'big and thick' image does some an injustice, for many are comparable with modern reptiles

ティラノサウルス レックス - ヴラド コンスタンティノフ ベクトル

Vlad Konstantinov‘s Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and Tyrannosaurus rex for DinoPrints