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Panty ‘Fraid

Instead I sent it to our godson’s father….

FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!  Post-it notes from a stay at home dad:   “Woke up at 3 am to find kid crying and covered in vomit.  Had to clean him, clothes and bed.  And they said I wouldn’t learn anything being in a fraternity.”

Funny pictures about Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Oh, and cool pics about Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Also, Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad.

Some restaurants really know how to have fun. http://ibeebz.com

Some restaurants really know how to have fun - I especially like the last one. Reminds me of "Eats, shoots and leaves"

Restaurants that got it right. So funny had to tag hectors crew Schoenfeld Passavant j.m Moore Bromley Jacobsen Giles Melott Bellanca Supple Knapp Acacio Close Smith-Leckness Wimberly Harding

How DO you talk to a giraffe?

Yeah I'll go on to watch a music video and then later on I'll be watching all this random stuff.

Stupid pretentious adverts made better. Previous pinner: dis person understands my life and my frustrations

How to ruin hipster photos--the last 4 are great, especially the Oceanlol--My favourite pastime is ruining hipster posts.

Everytime I go on a trip.... even if it's just a sleepover at a friend's house.... Hey that reminds me...........

Why is this a teenager post? My Hawaii suitcase is still sitting on the floor and that trip was over Christmas lol

This is what I did today. My friend told me to do this before we got in trouble. *picks most random pose ever*

Whenever we are in class and the teacher walks out of the room, it instantaneously becomes complete and utter chaos. The teacher walks back in and someone is like," everyone act like nothing just happened" only to have everyone look completely unnatural

hahah yeah!

Me and my friend were like, "act natural". And my friend was doing this really unnatural pose on her knee and her sister came running down the stairs and tripped epically over her!


texting humor - I hate when I forget to press send, I'm sitting there like an idiot waiting for a reply.

Every afternoon at snack time!

Nothing to eat. Nothing to eat. Lower standards and repeat. (Do this all the time.back and fourth like 50 times) :/