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DeanXCas Surprise Kiss by ~ElTheGeneral I imagine that this is how Destiel will become canon though. Cas will just be like, "No. This has gone on too long." And he'd just kiss Dean.

Supernatural- Funny Cas is a Boss. Dean and Castiel plus Gabriel

Gabriel is proud of little bro

Supernatural funny moment's

Supernatural+Cute Moments 02 by *xanseviera on deviantART Notice how these are each from season 1 ;

So beautiful!! #Destiel (Whoever animated this is awesome! Would be great to see an anime version of episodes with Cas.)

Destiel - Hands by ~TheLogicalNonsense on deviantART««««« AGAIN I don't SHIP it! But it IS a cute gif.>>> Of course you ship it, stop lying

in Purgatory 4-1 by ~glaringstar on deviantART

Supernatural - Castiel x Dean Winchester - Destiel

Hold On to Me by on @DeviantArt

Here, have some Destiel fan art spam to make your day. deanwinchestersheart: “ & my favorite ones, because it’s fantasy-like ! :D All created by Nasyu at Deviantart.

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(( so sorry I don't know the artist)) so cute! Not really a Destiel person but this is adorable ^_^ <= dude. I am not even in this fandom <=== dude, get in this fandom. and Destiel is awesome btw

adorable destiel gif - Google Search

Neck Kisses by BagelInATrenchcoat on DeviantArt

Destiel + kitten.... :D We need another panel with Dean having an allergy attack 'cause he's allergic to cats! :)

Destiel/kitten We need another panel with Dean having an allergy attack 'cause he's allergic to cats!

I was laughing cause I just read the post about the outtake headcannon for the destiel kiss (when it happens) and I was laughing then I saw his eyes and immediately stopped and went "oh..."

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Freaking Destiel<<<< Yes.

I think I have an evil laugh now that is strictly reserved for Destiel drawings

Im giggling a lot for some reason

Destiel:: morning after by Camacaileon

Destiel:: morning after


All I saw when it was turned upside down was Dean pulling Cas down from heaven or out of a tree or something lol

This is great - and not only could I see Dean doing this to Cas, I can see Jensen doing this to Misha!

When Cas tries to text (sorry about the watermark before

Poor Cas xD I'm with Sam, I can't breathe

Sam and Dean quotes

Sam and Dean quotes

Hahaha Dean

Dean looks so proud like "I come from a smarter family" and Sam is just like "You idiot"