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Transparent Speaker: Unlike the usual speakers that are mostly boring, these speakers are timeless design that emphasizes what matters most, the music.

See-through speaker system is a real looker. Audio systems shouldn't just sound good, they should look good, too. The Transparent Speaker system plays it low key with a glass design that lets a room's decor shine through.

invisible speaker by people people

The transparent design lets the speaker blend in to any living room out there. The size can be big enough to offer a good sound quality, yet the speaker takes little visible space

Linski Concrete Speakers

The 'Exposed' speakers are made of concrete, and utilize horn loudspeaker technology (Phot.

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Speakers made from jars... Sweeeeet~ I wonder how they sound though...


Sarah Pease borrows from David A. Mellis' open source speaker design and mates it with mason jars as enclosures. They not only have a great look, but different sizes and types of jars can be swapped out to create different sound signatures.

House of Marley's Get Together is a speaker that both looks and sounds the part, with impressive portability.

House of Marley's Get Together speaker is predominantly decked out with sustainably-sourced bamboo, giving it a slightly retro, weather-beaten look – but does it manage to avoid sounding rustic?

unmonday ceramic speaker

Unmonday Independent Ceramic Airplay Speaker - Launched in Kickstarter, this speaker incorporates the patented hexagonal porcelain casing, which has been designed to provide high-end Dolby surround sound, and supports Apple’s Airplay technology.

Neiman Marcus

Wood Pillar Wireless Speaker

Veneer and aluminium portable speaker 'Stellé Audio Pillar'. Design by Stelleaudio - Newport Beach by phillipsernadesign

Multi-Recharger for iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc. Need this iThing gadget! #product_design

Multi-Recharger for iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc. Need this iThing gadget! I need this in the europlug version.