Claire Basler in her interior garden studio.

We love to see studios of other artists, especially if they are as wonderful as the painter Claire Basler. High ceilings, lots of light and space to work her huge canvases

Claire Basler 's new studio - Chateau de Beauvoir - France

Claire Basler 's new studio - Chateau de Beauvoir - France. I love the tree growing inside.

Claire Basler :

Trees & huge wall of windows in studio! Claire Basler :: Botanical Paintings (working in an old ironworks on the outskirts of Paris). I'm completely obsessed.

I like daisies, fragile and passionate poppies, breezes, wind, grace, gentleness and its force, storms, the mystery of still waters. The vast sky in the puddles that line a dirt road and the tree that forces me to be silent, patient. There are magnificent ones at Beauvoir. She lives and paints in her home Château de Beauvoir, “a natural choice” she explains (i mean, of course). and while her paintings aren’t totally my flavour, the way they compliment the dramatic interiors of this historic…

French artist Claire Basler lives and paints in her home Château de Beauvoir where she creates huge paintings of flowers.

batixa:    (via insides outsides / francois houtin’s studio.)

Beautiful high ceiling in this creative workspace · Modern Workspace Design · Creative Studio · Artist Desk · Home Office

Where artist Oliver Jeffers works. This is my idea of an art workspace

Art Studio by the beach  this would be my kind of home 24/7  paint the beach like it is seen from the window:0

artist anne packard in coastal living magazine. My idea of the coastal lifestyle, Anne Packard's space. What I would do for a studio space with windows like this!