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Nearly all of the interviewers were white southerners and most of them were women. Far too often the tone and even the content of the interv...

EX-SLAVE (name unknown) with her great great granddaughter. (Photograph courtesy Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Murder Bottles poisoned many babies in Victorian Times

Murder Bottles

Murder Bottles poisoned many babies in Victorian Times

Fannie Brown    Fannie Brown , aged Negro of Waco, Texas, does not knew her age. She was born near Richmond. Virginia, a slave of the Koonce family. They sold her to Mrs. Margaret Taylor , of Belton, Texas, when Fannie was only five years old, and she never saw her mother again.,

The last faces of American slavery: Stunning pictures of men and women who were born into slavery and photographed more than 70 years after being freed By BETH STEBNER

European settlers and enslaved Africans introduced Malaria and other tropical diseases to the Americas. These tropical diseases thrived in the swampy region of the Lowcountry. While many slaves were more resistant, the white planters were not. Therefore, whites moved their homes away from the rice fields and vacated the lowcountry at least during the humid season. For the Lowcountry Gullah, this isolation allowed for the creation and preservation of their distinct African culture.

Gullah Culture Thrived in Desolate Conditions

On the confederate side, both free and slave blacks were used for labor. However whether to arm them with guns or not was a big debate.

In the devil Thomas Jefferson appointed Isaac Granger Jefferson as Monticello’s overseer. He was the only enslaved man to rise to that position.

Father and children...circa 1890's. I love these beaming faces - who says poverty makes for miserable kids?

All mine c1890

Father and children.circa I love these beaming faces - who says poverty makes for miserable kids? Note the cat in the center of the group, the knobless bureau drawers, and the wooden toys atop the cupboard.

A young cowboy. (In the 1950's photographers would show up in neighborhoods accompanied by their ponies & a collection of little cowboy/cowgirl outfits. They went from house to house offering to photograph your little darlings for a fee. http://lonehand.com/cowboy_songs_v.htm

A very well-equipped itty bitty cowboy in an orphaned photo -- [Real African-American cowboys at]