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Proud Veteran's Wife

Proud Veteran's Wife

This is why we have laws . This is why we have a process for entering this country. We all see first hand what happens when the laws are ignored and illegals enter without the understanding of whats required from them , and the unreasonable expectations illegals have of the U. S.

This is why we have laws . This is why we have a process for entering this…

Can you picture Jacqueline Kennedy or Nancy Reagan stepping out of a limo looking like that? Not in a million years.

They both seem to like men as well. Obama the first gay President.

LTD Edition Vet Pride

LTD Edition Vet Pride

Don't let them wipe out history to suit their needs!  The South has NOTHING to be ashamed of ever!  People seeking truth know it was about a whole lot more than slavery

black confederates Photo: proud african americans of the Rebel Flag. This Photo was uploaded by

UPS said in a statement that it joined with Doherty in a thorough investigation “and found no evidence to support these allegations.”

Minnesota: Terror-linked CAIR looks to shakedown UPS over Muslim prayer times

Not surprisingly, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR is outraged! In yesterday's Alabama election, one of the amendments on the ballot was whether or not to permanently ban sharia/for.